What's Love?

November 23, 2009
What is Love? Someone once told me that it’s a meaningless word that anyone can use. You Love someone, until they don’t love you back. Then that loves turns to hate or a grudge. It can cause two people ,who were once in “love”, to just want nothing to do with the other ,or You can love someone, yes, until the relationship ends then you jus forget the feelings you had. What is Love? Honestly it is a meaningless word, and the Truth is so many people believe they know love, when they know nothing at all…I do believe there is a true love, but not like most people think, to me it’s to care for someone, to care for them so much that it hurts, to care so much that as long as there happy you’ll be ok with life…even if you’re really not. You can’t simply forget about the person, or hate them , no matter how much they hurt you or much you want to. Love is uncontrollable and its painful. I love someone, and that meaningless words means everything to me.

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xxMissingyouxx said...
Jan. 10, 2010 at 8:24 pm
jeez i didnt know you were that deep..love it..oh and yeah that meaningless word is the world to me no matter how much i cant get along with him...its soo confuzing. damn ..hopefully you know what i mean!
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