Love in Millions of Places

November 23, 2009
they seem to tell me you don't exsist,
but i know that they are wrong.
Their eyes may be open, wide as ever, 
but my heart is singing the song.

this love is a difficult one, I'll admit,
but it's strength is larger than most, 
I've looked and searched for years on end,
up and down this island's coast.

at times I lost the hope and faith,
the fire that kept me going,
but I've came to see  that love takes time,
and there's always something you're never knowing. 

what seemed like forever past me by.
like an empty space in time,
but this virtue of paitence failed me not,
and my life rolled on just fine. 

in the end, I found my sign,
although it was out of place,
sometimes the things you least expect
are the answer to what you chase.

so dreams and wishes, keep them close,
for they may be in reach,
for what you don't know is vast and large,
and your love is but a missing piece.

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