November 14, 2009
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Upon this earth do giants tread
Or so was my past thought
But the light of day proves them dead
And grief hath my confidence wrought

The heavens could I touch,
when riding on their shoulders
And of their crowns I did think much
Till cast onto the boulders

Where hast thou gone, my giant strong
Who carried me into the dawn
Yet to falter, yet to waiver, righter of the wrong?
Castles now crumble as darkness falls and I find my giant is gone

But fog fades fast
And mine eyes soon clear
To see that man appear at last
Who was to me my giant so dear

But now he is man
Bone within, flesh without, fallible to the last
And in his fall my hope remains as I run with all I can
Believing yet still, that heroes survived the past

Yet different heroes are these than giants never living.
They tower not above each other
But conquer evil never giving
The illusion of gray borne of white, and poison black its mother

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