To Break Me Down, a Broken Flank

November 14, 2009
By icedteajubilee BRONZE, Huber Heights, Ohio
icedteajubilee BRONZE, Huber Heights, Ohio
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To tear me down, a broken flank
Would be ungodly to my health
The anger of the hardwood floor
Would rock those splinters till they fell;

A guilty thing, it would have been
To loathe one's own perpetuity
But what is time, if I could not
Bequeathe a shred of dignity?

The ship would sail horizons wide
And then ingrain the views for me
I could not move, for side by side
My loathesome conscience nailed to me

To tear me down, a broken flank
Would rear an angry capain's head
To hear surrenders from us all
Would snap those incorporeal threads

The author's comments:
This was written in one of the lowest points my self-esteem has suffered through; it somewhat describes what it feels like to go through everyday motions and not feel anything from it. The generalized repercussions of not feeling emotions from living is described metaphorically throughout the piece.

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