Issued from the Heart

November 13, 2009
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‘Beauty,’ as they say, ‘is in the eye of its beholder,”
And now as winter starts its course, the temperature grows colder.
Sweatshirts hide the figures of the so-called pretty girls.
Fingers crack and faces flush as the Washington wind whirls.

Tank tops are abandoned and short skirts die away
In the period that lasts from late October on to May.
Does splendor disappear as winter slowly lumbers in?
If not, then beauty must reside beneath a person’s skin.

Does a smile not stir within us a phenomenon of heat?
The warmth it radiates can make our bodies feel complete.
A laugh or compliment can also trigger this reaction.
From kindness and compassion comes a genuine attraction.

Like a fire burning dimly, warding off the winter’s clutch
Is a person who can warm us with an ordinary touch.
Beauty is most prominent when winter’s journey starts.
It’s not derived from looks, but rather, issued from the heart.

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