Black eyes

November 13, 2009
Forever I am doomed to wonder in forsaken land,
With no one to guide me by the hand,
Many do I pass but their souls are sould,
Beyond the stories that are told,
While I weep openly in the street,
No one stops for I and they will never meet,
As I glance up with swollen eyes,
I turn and to my suprise,
Every one Evrey parent, Every child,
Walked towards a flame their walk storng and mild,
They reached for the flame for in the middle was a life beyond content,
I was in awe as I could see no one knew what this meant,
Than I saw a man jun in and burn away,
Never to see another day,
I turned my head and seeked no more,
For all I could hear were shrieks that tore,
I turn and ran like a half witted man,
Than I saw that their pain would last for eternity,
Than I departed from this place,
Confused and out of place,
Town after town I went and searched finding no one
without black eyes and no soul,
And now for their sins they payed a toll,
Now I am a hermit crazy they might say,
But now I look at them with dismay,
For they to have black eyes.

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poet_anime_freak96 said...
Dec. 13, 2009 at 6:51 am
haha my spelling is terrible in this one :)
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