Where'd it go?

November 13, 2009
By poet_anime_freak96 BRONZE, Troupsburg, New York
poet_anime_freak96 BRONZE, Troupsburg, New York
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I lost my hyper where did it go?
Where did it go it doesn't show,
Out into the rain to dance for a while?
Or did it go out to give a smile,
My hyper my smile,
It stayed with me for a while,
Now how'd it go how'd it go?
Did it go out to play with the snow?
To throw iceballs and play with Shadow?
Where'd it go? How did i get hyper?
This is just a plain old mean caper,
It stole my hyperness and traded tiredness,
Did my hyperness want to play with loch ness?
Where'd it go? Where'd it go? My hyperness has left?
Someone stole my precious hyperness ... who's the theft?
Where's my other side?
The one who holds all of my pride?
I've worked hard for that rep ... where'd it go?
Did it want to go and play out in the snow?
Well it doesn't show.
Where'd it go ... where'd it go?
My hyper .. my smile,
Only stayed with me for a while

The author's comments:
oh Shadow's my dog and it was mostly cuz i was missing my energy :(:(:( it's not cool ya know and i wondered if people felt the same wa as i did ... and playing with loch ness sounds coolio :)

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