Your Love Can Save Another

November 13, 2009
I Look Behind Me As We Run,
The Darkness Quickly Covers The Surface Of The Earth.
You Take My Hand And Pull Me Along,
There Is No Hiding From The Darkness,
We Can Only Run And Pray We Stay Ahead Of It.
The Wind Blows Hard As The Rain Begins To Pour Onto The Dry Cracked Ground.
You Pull Me Close As We Run Faster,
Evil All Around Us, You Know Theres No Way Out.
You Look At Me, And Say, Whatever Happens, Don't Stop Running, And Don't Look Back.
He Lets Go Of My Hand And Turns To Face The Darkness, I Shout For Him, But It's Too Late, A Glance Back Shows That He Has Been Swalled By The Darkness, Died, To Try To Save Me. I Can't Take It, I Fall To The Ground, Tears Roll Down My Face, And The Darkness Surronds Me, But A Hint Of Light Comes To Me, And Then I Find Myself Sitting On The Grass, Alone, In The Sunlight. His Love Has Saved Me, And Our Love Will Last Forever... No Matter Where He is....

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