A Nobel Man

November 13, 2009
Oslo Norway, a country cold and far from here,
A surprising announcement brought joy and a few tears.
Five people decided, who would bare this year’s prize.
A Nobel honor to recognize the peaceful and wise.
Many were nominated, their contributions are grand
Bringing hope, peace and cooperation to this great land.
But only one man stood out above the rest.
Because of his peace efforts and doing his best.
Barack Obama was the one they could not refuse.
His plans for disarmament made world- wide news.
Ending the war, he makes a good case.
Many were surprised because he is new to this place.
His hope is for peace and to stop troops from swarming
To end all the wars and to stop global warming.
A big list of peace plans he has in his pocket,
Another idea is to stop all nuclear rockets.
Some people were mad; they thought his win was unfair
A brand new president and leader were too much to bare.
We have no choice, we just have to wait and see
Just how great Barack Obama’s ideas can be!

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