I am not your poker game!

November 13, 2009
I lost you once before
and now i see you more
everywhere i go
i guess you must know

i let myself play a game
that in my heart made me insane
i lost the game and don't know why
i still want to cry

i am playing a game where i lose
i lost once when i had to choose
and look i'm back here again
playing to win the heart of my best friend

i am losing so much when i try
i believed the truths were a lie
and now i know who you are
standing there by your car

you show off to make me smile
your snicker just so vile
i am playing the game of love
where when you win you go above

all the rest where your number one
and i feel like coming undone
i scream out you namein the middle of the night
to protect me and make it alright

you play my mind just like your cards
let em loose and hit em hard
and when you lose you bust out an ace
and it hits em like a slap to the face

you play em good and look what i get
every memory i want to forget
cuz you let em lose and hit em hard
playing my mind like you play your cards
like my mind is a poker game
get what you want and i go insane

my mind isn't texas hold em
win my heart now you got em
my mind isn't a poker game
god you know your so lame

play me once adn you'll lose
play me twice and hit the booze
god i know just how to make you choose
heres girl number one and two now you lose

my mind isn't your toy
god your such a typical boy
play the victim when your caught
play a guy i know your not

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