November 13, 2009
By MDogz BRONZE, Metamora, Michigan
MDogz BRONZE, Metamora, Michigan
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I wait 45 minutes for the city bus
It takes me 45 seconds to walk to my 2010 BMW
Then I sit for the hour and a half ride to my apartment
Then I sit for the ten minute ride to my penthouse suite
When I arrive home there’s a chore list waiting for my attention
When I get home I find all my new, neatly folded clothes waiting for my approval
For dinner, I make noodles
For dinner, a fish fillet is prepared for me
At night I work at McDonalds down the street from my house
At night I take a cruise on my yacht
Then I go to sleep in the bedroom I share with my sisters
Then I go to sleep in the bedroom overlooking the water
At school the next day I look forward to seeing my friends
At school the next day I dread the stares from my peers
We whisper and laugh at all our inside jokes
They whisper and laugh as I walk by
Everyone knows me
Everyone knows me
But really no one knows the struggle at home
But really no ones the struggle inside
There is no upscale Flint
There is no south side Birmingham
There’s only me… Alone

The author's comments:
This is a point of view poem.

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