The way you make me feel

November 18, 2009
Love me when I am going through my worst and I will do the same. But if you choose not to love me then I will be forced to let you go. My heart beats for those who have my back. My blood flows at an rapid pace for the one who warms my body with just one touch.Baby I have a confession to make: I never been inlove like this before. Everytime you come around I dont know what to say; I sit quietlybecause I am afraid of saying something stupid. My heart races with every word you speak to me. I get butterflies everytime you say I love you! Damn baby you got some kind of hold on me, I feel empty everytime your away from me no matter if it is only for a moment. I have never been so nsynched with someone. Baby I'm so connected to you that I feel what you feel, I can even tell you exactly how you feel. Please pardon the misconceptions, the mixed feelings, the pushing you away but I need you. I never thought I'll say this but your apart of my mind, body, & soul. I am sorry if you feel as if I am comming off to strong but I just thought you should know.

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