Hey Wendy, isn't that your name?

November 13, 2009
By RyanWithLions BRONZE, Hagerstown, Maryland
RyanWithLions BRONZE, Hagerstown, Maryland
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A winter under covers,
two lovers undiscovered,
two bodies intertwined,
the stars were aligned,
second to the right,
as we dreamt of a life,
so perfect and ageless,
I swore I could taste it,
flew straight on 'til morning,
but awoke without warning,
to the cycling of clocks,
time had never stopped,
but I want you to remain my shadow,
until time ticks away,
unti heartbeats stray,
and flatline.

The author's comments:
This poem is about the fear of losing someone close to you due to growing up and going seperate ways. I tied in the whole allusion of "Neverland" and "Peter Pan" as well to give it a personal touch as to how childish this issue seems in my life at the current time.

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