November 12, 2009
What Is
It is a question all have asked
What is a word?
It is whatever we choose it

What is a fight
A war between two parties
But who is right
What is right

A word
Just a word
A word that causes
Wars, death, despair, change

How does one change
If an alcoholic goes a life without a drink
Has he changed
If a drug addict never smokes as long as she lived
Has she changed
Have they changed
Change is relavent
But how does one achieve it
He must be broken
Convirted from a shapeless form
Taken out of the mold
That he lived in, grew up in, survived in
And must be placed anew

The nightwalker in the distance
Staring into the stars
Staring and thinking
Thinking, pondering
How can one truly be right

Both think it, see it, Believe it
Who can it be
If only tis a word
Words are relevant
Meaning means nothing

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