One More Chance

November 12, 2009
By Springer10 SILVER, South Charleston, Ohio
Springer10 SILVER, South Charleston, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
No dreams can compare to the reality I have with you.

- M. Pellowski -

Your hateful words coming
Out of everyone else’s mouth
Tear me apart each time a new
Person repeats what you have said

The way you act as if you care to
My face and then you walk out
Of the room, you’re talking bad about me
As if I’m just some other girl you joke with

You text me calling me a slut and
Saying that you really actually cared
About me and how I did you wrong by
Messing around with your best friend.

How am I supposed to know that you
Actually cared about me, when you
Ignored me when you are around your
Friends and act like you can’t stand me.

If only you knew how much I really
Cared about you and loved you, I
Regret all the stuff I did to you and
How I played you like that

If I had the chance to I would go
Back in time and do things over.
I wish I had one more chance to
Show you how sorry I am.

You were the only thing that completed
My life and made me push forward through
All the stuff I’ve been going through
these past few months

I don’t know what to do about all this
Stuff going on inside my body right now
And without you in my life my heart is
Breaking into a million little pieces?

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