The Heartest Part is Loving

November 11, 2009
By SeanMoore GOLD, Campinas, Other
SeanMoore GOLD, Campinas, Other
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"if i had to choose between breathing and loving you, i would choose my last breath to say 'i love you'"-unknown

I 'm not going to lie to you;
I’ve been with others,
and I've loved them.
But with you,
I feel as one.
I feel as if you are the beat of my heart,
as if you were the soul of my being.
As you exhale;
I inhale,
the final key to my heart.
The heartest part though is knowing that,
if I leave now,
you will find someone else.
I still can’t figure out whether it is hearter being with you or without.
Its heart with you because I know deep inside that I will never be able to supply for you what you desire.
You say all you desire is my love,
but what if my love is not enough?
What if I have given you my love,
but it is not suffice for you!
The heartest part is loving someone you know deserves more!
That’s why I have to let you go,
because I know there is another guy who you will love,
and he will give you everything you could possibly want.
But just remember...
it will be easy loving him cus he has everything.
But whenever you feel you need a real companion,
a real heart relationship,
Come to me.
It won’t be easy!
I’m telling you, it won’t be easy!
Because "The Heartest Part is Loving"

The author's comments:
this piece was written when i was thinking of my best friend, she wanted to date me and i liked her too, but i couldnt date her, not if i wanted our relationship to last.

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