November 10, 2009
By hlbs4him SILVER, Lumberton, Mississippi
hlbs4him SILVER, Lumberton, Mississippi
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Life’s a puzzle, a great big puzzle.
With so many pieces and so many places,
to find all the pieces to fill all the spaces.
Some pieces are memories,
Some pieces are feelings,
Feelings had, feelings lost,
feelings found, feelings forgotten
Memories made, memories thought,
memories remembered, memories forgotten.
But most pieces are people.
People met, people known,
people loved, people loathed.
And as the pieces you find,
of this puzzle begun at birth.
You’ll notice every one,
has different meaning and different worth.

But I had come to a point,
my puzzle had stumped me.
There was a hole, a gap,
like an unfinished map.
A piece I couldn’t find,
where could it be?

The pieces covered the table,
I flipped over one after another,
Trying to make them fit.
Then I moved my hand from where it’d been resting.
Right there, while I looked,
my hand had been sitting.
But under it was nesting,
this piece,
Somehow I’d missed it,
simply overlooked it.
It fit so perfectly,
so seamless and superbly.
Like it was meant to never be moved again
meant to forever stay in that place in my puzzle.
It seemed too good to be true. This piece,
had been right there,
not seen till I was almost through.
The most beautiful piece of my puzzle it is,
Shining and stunning, how could I deserve this?
Such an amazing piece,
to such a normal puzzle.
Such a perfect fit,

in such a meager place.
I don’t understand it,
I can’t comprehend it.
But I guess I don’t have to.
I love you,
my perfect puzzle piece.

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