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November 10, 2009
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Images are real
Images are fake
You are the judge,
you give and take

Life is forever
yet life is short
don't dwell on the past
it will only lead to retort

leap without looking
learn to trust
fly without fearing
yearn to lust

Give more than you take
and you will receive
always be real
do not deceive

remember the moments
that changed your life
remember the moments
that left you in strife

people are good
people are bad
lookout for yourself
it is a long road ahead

somedays it will wind
others it will be straight
uphills and down them
the journey is great

do not forget
but always forgive
these simple lessons
in life, prove to be big

the world is yours
so fly aways
discover yourself
along the way

always remember
when times get hard
home is where the heart is
it is where we all are

forever and always
together we'll be
forever and always
together we'll leave

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