Social Utopia MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Then there was nothing.

On the seventh second mankind was no more.

A man: A survivor, spared the wrath of Armageddon, stood , alone.

His burnt red body bore witness to the end.

The rusty sands of time spread themselves

over the once green earth swallowing up life.

The man stood on a black ribbon in the sweltering sand , beginning nowhere,

going nowhere, and arriving nowhere.

Through glazed, dead eyes he stared into his future.

His almost lifeless body shivered with angry despair.

He screamed an inhuman cry,

like the pitiful cry of a beaten dog, slowly dying.

The red sand denied his existence.

His plea, lost in time, fell on dead ears.

This torment he could not stand,

he sunk to his knees , his mind shattered;

his spirit destroyed.

Forced by a society that no longer existed,

He lived as a dead man in a man-made paradise

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