I am Lost

November 10, 2009
The deafening sound of a moving truck, when the keys are put inside,
I glance back one last time at the place I called home my entire life.

All the new things I have to adjust to, I can’t seem to remember it all,
My head is being over-filled with information that I don’t think I could ever recall.

I slowly walk in the hallways of the new high school that I must attend,
Feeling alone in a place unfamiliar where I’m the only one without a friend.

Breaking down and crying every day alone at night,
But by day I’m the new girl again, who forces smiles and looks alright.

I can’t shake off the feeling that I just don’t belong,
In a world so much larger than I, I feel like I’m lost

Everybody around me has a life, a light in which they shine,
But me, I am the one who’s groping around in the dark, desperately trying to find.

I try to hold onto the memories, of when I had friends by my side,
But the harder I clutch them, the faster they slip, and they fade right out of my mind.

So many times now, I wish that I could be, someone else instead
Other than a girl that has had her life been broken apart - nothing left.

I used to have a life, where I could just be me,
But now things are so much different, I am no longer free.

My life has been changed, and I can’t seem to adjust,
To this world of unknown, I am suddenly lost.

Lost in a time, in a world, in a place,
Where I move as slowly as thick, heavy paste.

I know that this time I will try to find a way,
Where I can find my way out, in the oncoming days.

No longer will I be as lost as I was,
I’ll hold my head high, and do what I must.
I will not be lost…

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SilverDawn said...
Dec. 7, 2009 at 9:59 pm
WOW. i LOVE this ! I'd thought the third couple were my favourite lines but reading on, i loved so much of what you wrote that the whole poem is pretty much a favourite <3 it felt very realistic; you portrayed the feeling amazingly well. Great job!!
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