i'm "back then" and she's "brand new"

November 9, 2009
By theanniee SILVER, Lombard, Illinois
theanniee SILVER, Lombard, Illinois
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Time goes by so fast,
I have no clue how to make good times last.
You were part of it all,
I will never forget that one time we were together at the mall.
You might not like to remember what happened then,
Because you were more to me then just a friend.

But everything changes, that's for sure.
I couldn't have asked you for anything more.
You helped me see who I really was,
And I learned a lot about life, loss, and lust.
It is too late to say more to you,
Because I am "back then" and she is "brand new".

I am not trying to get you back,
Because wanting you is what I lack.
Maybe someday it will be either: Friend, pal, or bud
But as of now, our relationship is a dud.
Everything happened so quickly, you see
It used to be You and Me.

So maybe things have changed for the best,
When I was your girl, I was Blest.
But we both are fine,
Even if you aren't mine.
You are happy, as am I,
This whole thing is written without a single lie.

I was honest to you,
You were trusted too.
But now I see,
I am truly free.
As are you, because we aren't linked,
Time passed as fast as one blink.

The author's comments:
please don't copyy... and if you do i would appreciate my name nextt to it..

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