i deserve to hear you say sorry.

November 9, 2009
By theanniee SILVER, Lombard, Illinois
theanniee SILVER, Lombard, Illinois
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You always ask why I care,
But it’s because my heart was what you decided to tear.
And I understand that I overreact,
But I just don’t get how your heart could still be in tact.

I cannot say I love you still,
But to have you back would be a thrill.
And I know you would hurt me again,
But why can’t we just be friends?

You love her instead of me,
But I never thought that would be.
And you sweet talked me and said cute things,
But without you I’m like a plane without wings.

Things aren’t as bad as I make them seem,
But you and I were once a team.
And how could we have torn apart?
But you know what you broke, it was my heart.

The pieces aren’t going to be easily repaired,
But you don’t even care.
And you never did apologize,
But you did glare at me with your cold eyes.

When things end with you and her,
But they might not, I’m not sure.
And I know things between us aren’t going well,
But your secrets, I still will never tell.

You’re welcome, because about you, I never did lie,
But I will admit I was way less than fine.
And I know you wanted to break me because you could,
But an apology to me, I think you should.

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