now maybe i didn't tell you this.

November 9, 2009
By theanniee SILVER, Lombard, Illinois
theanniee SILVER, Lombard, Illinois
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Now I might not have told you this,
But it is something about you I do not miss.
I put my theory into great thought,
How you made me someone that I am not.

I miss the old me,
One who smiled and without you was free.
But now I am trying to leave this new person I became,
Because of you, I’m not the same.

It is oh so sad,
To know without me you are glad.
I miss the independent strong person I used to be,
Now I’m just not me.

You made me feel like I was loved,
But now my heart is something you shoved.
It cannot be fixed without you,
I can’t move on or find someone new.

This whole theory has changed from anger to depression.
But that is only because you used to be my obsession.
You have conformed into someone I do not know,
Your respect for me, will no longer show.

You decided to break me,
And break me you did, you see.
I wish I could go on with life,
But my heart has been stabbed with a dull knife.

Say you are sorry, that is all I need,
Then I can really be freed.

The author's comments:
i have been through heartbreak and every aspect of it is just awful.. you are either in shockk, depressed, angry, and etc..

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