i miss you, Frenchie

November 9, 2009
I can’t wait ‘til I meet you up there.
Down here, without you is so unfair.
I miss you’re voice, laugh, and smile.
When I think of you I tend to cry for a while.
I had no idea you would go,
Am I okay without you, of coarse the answer’s no.

You were the best uncle I ever had,
And you were at our house when times were bad.
Like when my parents wouldn’t get along,
And it felt like my whole life was going wrong.
You were here,
I remember you hugged me when on my face there were tears.

Come back and be the comfort and joy you have always been,
You have loved me since I don’t know when.
I have to accept the fact that you are in a better place,
And that you have seen our Saviors face.
But my question is when?
When can I see yours again?

I remember the fun times we had.
And the times that were sad.
Remember sledding and all the fun?
I don’t want it to be done.
Please return,
So that I no longer morn.

I still ask you for help and advice,
You have been, and always will be, nice.
I need you to be here because things are tough,
Just your memory is not enough.
I don’t know why
But time quickly went by.

And now I’m without you,
Do you miss me too?
I still have the dreams where I awake in tears,
Without you I have fears.
I love you and I always will.
Frenchie, I need you still.

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