jealous, i'm not

November 9, 2009
By theanniee SILVER, Lombard, Illinois
theanniee SILVER, Lombard, Illinois
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When everything changes, will you still be there?
Will I still love you and you not care?
I can't tell you not to leave,
But the fact that you would I still cannot conceive.
After you said you loved me,
You left, how can that be?

I'm not one to hold a grudge for long,
And I would never try to win you back with a song.
But I can tell you that I do still care,
Because of the love we used to share.
I still can't believe you could go.
Do I still hurt without your love? The answer is No.

I knew it wouldn't last,
But the time flew by so fast.
Are you using the same lines on her that you used on me?
I don't like that concept, you see.
I hope you are the happiest you have ever been,
I also hope we can somehow be friends.

I sure hope you don't break her heart,
Because there is an end to every start.
I don't know how to prove my point,
I can't even explain how we ended up disjoint.
But I want you happy I really do,
Because it wouldn't be fair if I am happy, and not you.

Jealous, I am not
You are wrong if that is was what you thought.
I'm not that type,
I can sleep well at night.
Even if you speak with her real late,
Jealousy would not relate.

Have a wonderful time,
To her, be kind.
She will surely love you as I once did,
Remember that is what I said.
I can still remember every word,
And how I was your nerd.

That's quite alright,
Sleep well tonightt,
Because I know I will,
With you her life will be full of thrill.
Remember that I'm willing to be friends,
But nothing more because I'm not willing to shed tears in the end

The author's comments:
okay, this is one of the first poems i wrote.. i have a bunch, but this one is important because i figured out that letting out my pain this way made things easier.. and i thank my ex for making me stronger.

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