jealous, i'm not

November 9, 2009
When everything changes, will you still be there?
Will I still love you and you not care?
I can't tell you not to leave,
But the fact that you would I still cannot conceive.
After you said you loved me,
You left, how can that be?

I'm not one to hold a grudge for long,
And I would never try to win you back with a song.
But I can tell you that I do still care,
Because of the love we used to share.
I still can't believe you could go.
Do I still hurt without your love? The answer is No.

I knew it wouldn't last,
But the time flew by so fast.
Are you using the same lines on her that you used on me?
I don't like that concept, you see.
I hope you are the happiest you have ever been,
I also hope we can somehow be friends.

I sure hope you don't break her heart,
Because there is an end to every start.
I don't know how to prove my point,
I can't even explain how we ended up disjoint.
But I want you happy I really do,
Because it wouldn't be fair if I am happy, and not you.

Jealous, I am not
You are wrong if that is was what you thought.
I'm not that type,
I can sleep well at night.
Even if you speak with her real late,
Jealousy would not relate.

Have a wonderful time,
To her, be kind.
She will surely love you as I once did,
Remember that is what I said.
I can still remember every word,
And how I was your nerd.

That's quite alright,
Sleep well tonightt,
Because I know I will,
With you her life will be full of thrill.
Remember that I'm willing to be friends,
But nothing more because I'm not willing to shed tears in the end

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