My Fallen Angel

November 8, 2009
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You're beautiful,
as light as the sky,
but the outside is only a lie.
It hides the darkness that lurks within.
The evil and power,
that will eventually shower
the whole world.
My fallen angel.
Your blood red eyes,
they hypnotize.
Your large black wings,
put you above all kings.
The immortal soul,
that's as dark as the night.
I will fight.
My fallen angel.
I won't give in,
I won't bow down
to your hateful crown.
I will not join you
on your quest
of evil and death.
My fallen angel.
For I know you,
I see into your soul,
your awful black hole.
I see you
for what you are,
a giant black scar,
on the face of the earth
ever since your rebirth.
My fallen angel.
You left good behind
for your selfish wants,
but that never haunts
your conciense at all
because it was your choice to fall.
My fallen angel.
So for the last time,
leave me alone!
I will not be your clone.
My fallen angel.
I have free will.
So I reject your call,
and I'm putting up a wall
of love and safety.
Against you
and all you ever do.
My fallen angel

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saphireflames96 said...
Jan. 3, 2010 at 6:47 pm
its soooooooo good wat inspired u to write it???
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