Search for Inspiration

November 7, 2009
I want to write
Words want to break free
I want to let out
What’s inside of me.

But my brain feels quite empty
Blank, or cold
All the thoughts I let out
Are dried out, used up, old

Phrases float to my mind
Dying to get out
But though my fingers long to type
My mind’s riddled with doubt

What if my creations
Aren’t good enough?
Where’s my inspiration?
What’s making this so tough?

My thoughts want to get out!
I know that they do!
Why is this so hard?
Why can’t I pull through?

I make my decision
Placing my fingers at the keys
Even if I sound awful,
I know this is what I need.

And, quite miraculously,
Something decent appears!
My mind isn’t as barren
As I’d previously feared!

Inspiration is hard to come by
If you wait passively
But I’ve searched a little bit
And I’ve brought it to me!

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