A Meaning?

November 7, 2009
Is there a meaning
To every life?
Is there a purpose for all?

Does everyone have something
That they must do,
Does everyone have a call?

I pass a thousand people
Each day.
Does each have a job to fulfill?

Each person I see,
Moving by me--
Do they have someone to save? Someone to kill?

Are any of these purposes never fulfilled?
A life or two
That never means a thing?

And do these people
Know they haven't done their part?
Do they feel the lack of meaning?

Does each life even need
Something to do?
Can people just be here to live?

Why must anyone
Do anything?
Why must they have something to give?

Maybe my ponderings
Are senseless and useless,
And maybe I'll never know.

But I'm still gonna ask,
And I'm still gonna to wonder.
And I'm still gonna have something to show.

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