Jillian's Poem

November 6, 2009
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Jillian’s poem

If you and I went for a walk
Nothing much
Just once around the block
I bet that you could tell me a story
In that story
Would contain your life
A life in which you were in fear
Even though you had a loved one near
This whole life
All that you did was hide
Hide in the shadows
The shadows that only appear
On the walls of you own house
In which once inside
You feel trapped like a mouse
You would be hiding
Not from monsters under your bed
But merely your parents
From there anger toward you
Which never changed
Every day there is nothing new
Every day when you are in school
You feel safe
But once you get home
That feeling is up for debate
Your parents never talk to you
All they do is cause hurt
Physically and emotionally
And once you have had enough
You then run away from it all
You meet up with a friend and go for a walk
As you begin to walk
Everything becomes ok
You plan to stay at that friends house that night
Even without your parents say
Because all you really want
Is to be saved from the hurt
For all but just one short day

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