Countless Moments

November 6, 2009
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Time moves like
A sloth moving up a tree
To meet the moons light
But it can be as still as
An old vase buried under ground
From an ancient Greek town
Time can be as bright as
My youngest sister
In her happiest moments
Or dark like the sky without a moon
Time can be as full as a
Town hall
When there is a big debate
Or empty like
Somebody’s heart
When everything is broken
It can be lost like anything
If not taken care of
Or found like the homework
You thought your dog ate
Time is a river of
Countless moments
Spent with my very best friend
Time is a song of great sorrow
When happiness
Comes to a longing end
Time is a play in which I am the star
Asking the question
“Where does time go?”

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