Sleep MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


With the click of the lightswitch,

Immediate darkness surrounds my room.

Blinded momentarily,

I slither beneath my covers,

Under the security and warmth of

My fragrant quilt.

Reflections of my day enter my mind;

Worries exit.

A waft of Indian summer today,

Soon to be dissolved by a blanket of snow.

Shadows in my room keep me company,

With the help of the dim hall light.

The familiar faint sounds of

delicately pelting shower water

Harmonizes with

The hum of the clothes dryer,

As their echo softly bounces

Off the walls in my room.

Sinking, drifting, falling

deeper into a slumber,

I flinch suddenly as my alarm buzzes,

Signaling morning.

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