My Greatest loss

November 6, 2009
By Wyndwaker BRONZE, Monticello, Minnesota
Wyndwaker BRONZE, Monticello, Minnesota
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when in doubt, bite.

I turned my eyes to a new place

and thought I'd like it there.

So I stepped out and placed my foot

unto this new land fair.

But another saw that land too,

and soon he stood there strong.

Then the person who was already there, my neck he had wrong.

So I punched at him, and he fell back,

and called to his companion,

Together they defended they're land

every mountain and every canyon

From Lexington they beat my head,

and then I did lash out.

But Washington stood strong to me,

and then he rode his mount.

He set out for my last big toe

defending egalitarianism wholeheartedly

then at Yorktown so near to my first step

his troops defeated me.

Then I was scorned

my pow'rs gone


has won

But soon I know

They'll fall down

as living like us

in nation-town

is harder than

America would think

I know they're standing

on the brink

The author's comments:
England recalls it's tale of how it lost America. a call for patriotism.

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