Mouth Trap

November 5, 2009
By Anonymous

There she is,
She’s so beautiful
The way her honey skin drips with rain.
I should have held the door open for her.
Dang it!

Chances like that don’t come often.
I have to make my move.
What to say?
What to do?
She’ll think I’m an idiot.
Maybe I should wear glasses.
No, she’ll think I’m a geek!
How about I buy her a rose?
Oh yeah, Romeo, she definitely
Won’t think you’re desperate then.
Dang it!

Just go over there.
But don’t think about her olive eyes
Or you’ll forget
Everything you were about to say.
Untie that knot in your stomach, man.
This is a natural interaction.
Just go and say “Hi.”
But don’t do that thing with
Your hands
Where you fiddle
With the tail of your shirt.
And don’t forget your name this time.
Because she’ll think you have mental
If you forget your name once again.
Dang it!

That’s it,
Just one step at a time.
Don’t want to seem too eager.
But then why is my heart
Beating like an African drum?
I swear she can hear it all the way
Across the room.
Deep breathes.
Oh My Gosh,
She’s looking at me.
What do I do?
Don’t flush up, Elliot.
Do not blush!
You’re a man,
Act like one.
Don’t stop now.
Get rid of that picture
Of her flowing chocolate hair
From your mind.
It’s only causing a distraction.
Dang it!

She’s standing right there.
Just moments away.
I could reach out and touch
Her lotion
Lathered skin.
Does that sound stalkerish?
Is stalkerish even a word?!
Restrain yourself.
Act cool.
Be cool.
Open your mouth.
Say something intelligent.
No wait,
Say something funny.
Make her laugh that bubbly
Never mind,
Just speak!
“Hi, Rachael, my name is…”
Dang it!

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