The Walk

November 4, 2009
First he asked, "wanna go for a walk?"
She excitedly replied "sure!"
She didn't know about his true plans,
This would be important to her.

It was rather romantic,
As they held hands to the field.
And once they reached this memorable place,
His feelings were revealed.

They were underneath the starry sky,
And it was rather bright.
From the stars that shone so vividly,
All throughout the night.

He held her hands and stared into her eyes,
She was already beaming.
He loved that moment just being with her,
And noticed her eyes were gleaming.

He opened his mouth and was very nervous,
As he began to speak.
He told her how he thought of her,
And felt his knees grow weak.

"I like everything about you." He said,
"And when I wake up from my sleep,
I am always happy because I think of you."
Thats when his watch beeped.

He looked down with a jolt,
And realized it was nearly time.
Fifty seconds until 11:11,
Then came the final chime.

He wanted this to be perfect,
So they could be together.
He wanted this special night,
To be in her mind forever.

He got down on one knee,
And pulled out the ring.
It was encrusted with diamonds,
And the prettiest thing.

As soon as he spoke,
He popped the question.
Even in the dark,
She had a rosy complexion.

She accepted his proposal,
And two years later,
They walked down the aisle.
No love was greater.


They grew old together,
Through both happy and sad.
Ever since that single night,
They have both been glad.

Except in the end,
When her husband was dying.
She sat by his bedside,
Holding his hand and crying.

It was the cancer that got him,
But you really couldn't tell.
He knew now was the time,
To deliver his last farewell.

He looked up and said "don't worry,
Everything will be fine."
"I have just one question,
Can I keep your heart as mine?"

She nodded tearfully,
As he closed his eyes.
And he thought of the memories,
Throughout their whole lives.

From the first time he saw her,
And brought her to the field.
To now in this hospital,
Where he couldn't be healed.

He loved her unimaginably,
It was like a flame.
He thought of how they lived their lives,
And didn't mind what he became.

As long as he had her with him,
Right here by his side.
She had kept him comfortable,
Saying pleasant words with pride.

The he thought of how he felt now,
And knew it went as planned.
To get her love forever,
And he died there in her hands.

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