The little boy who had everything

November 4, 2009
By Trajan Custodio BRONZE, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Trajan Custodio BRONZE, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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‘In the town there was a boy who was loved by all
Everyone would come to him whenever he would call
From humble origins, the boy did come
He was not but a simple bum
Until one day, a pair of love he found
They loved him with all their hearts, no questions abound
He called them mother and father, for that was all he knew
Their love and his just grew and grew
Mother and Father wanted to show their love,
They bought toys and things galore
The boy soon wanted more and more
Eventually he had become spoiled rotten
Everything was in his grasp, anything he could’ve gotten
He had become cruel, selfish, and intolerable at best’
He was quite a bad boy; I don’t need to tell you the rest
‘The boy had everything: all the animals, all the toys, even all the people who were grim
They could do nothing but to appease his whims
In time, the boy became unhappy
Indeed, he had become quite crabby
He had everything, but wanted more

Looking out the window, he saw something that he would adore
It was a bright red star, gleaming and shining bright
This was the thing of which the boy had set his sight
He looked up at the star and began to wish
The star replied with a swish
The boy wished and wished until his wisher was sore
For the star to be his forevermore
The star said, “There is a price for me, you see”
“You must give something up, this I decree”
“I will not tell you what you will abandon, this you must know”
“But it shall be the fate that you yourself shall sow”
The boy thought long and hard and finally said yes
What he gave up would be anyone’s guess
The red star changed colors and fell to the ground
And made the biggest impact around
Closing his eyes, the boy did in fear
His hands clenched, covering his head for life dear
After the noise and rumble, the boy opened his eyes
He looked around and around and much to his surprise
There was nothing but the star
Not his maid, his pet, nor his little toy car
Not his house, not mother and father, nor the town
He was alone, he realized, which made him frown
But out of the corner of his eye, there was something bright
It was the object of which he set his sight
The star filled him with awe
It was the most beautiful thing he saw
The boy asked, “Where is the house, the people, and mother and father
The star replied, “It is what you wanted. You, they need no bother”
The boy realized what he had done
It was him that life would shun
There would be no toys, no help from above
Worst of all, there would be no love
There was nothing left for him, this he was sure
He had one wish, one which was pure
He asked for nothing but mother and father
The star agreed, but he did not know why’
Perhaps he felt pity for the boy and would not see him cry
‘With a grin, the star changed colors ever so brightly
The boy stood up and wished ever so tightly
There was a bright flash
And what soon followed was a big crash
The boy closed his eyes hoping
That after this, there would be no moping
He opened his eyes to his sorrow
There was no mother and father that he would follow
He turned to the star, who only frowned and said
“Remember the deal that you have misread”
“To fulfill a wish, there is something you must give”
”There are lives which you must outlive”
“Their presence for you, I cannot grant”
“This is a lesson to you which I will implant”
“You will search for them, for they still live”
“But their whereabouts, I cannot give”
“Your love for them will guide you”
“Our contract will then be through”
With this, the star faded away
There was nothing more it could say
The little boy left with what little he had
He was anything but glad
He left the place which that brought him joy and grief
He would keep searching until his relief
To far lands, he would go
From place to place, he would go to and fro
Until he would find what he did desire
He would keep searching, even in his pyre
It is said that, to this day, the boy is still looking
Be real quiet and keep still, for you might hear him calling
It will be quiet, like a little ring
Which the people say is the little boy who had everything

The author's comments:
Got the idea after reading "The little girl who was forgotten by absolutely everyone(even the postman)" by Katy Towell

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