November 4, 2009
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As a child younger than three
Or maybe like an orphaned cub
She hides her face for nobody to see
It’s like hiding the fact of reality
Many days
That seemed like years
Just wanting to be seen
But tucked back into
An old beat up
Van or
Just some beat up car
Hours spent alone in a van that felt like the
Dark gloomy parts of a basement
Tears of sadness
That felt like finding the end of
A colorless rainbow
The only thing that could show light
Was the other orphaned also
Left inside
She was as quiet as the
Moon ahead
Years that seemed forever went by
Now each little cub about
One and two
Found like a mouse hiding
From its prey
So happy and delighted
To see the first of light
Like a
Newborn baby in the midday sun
The journey only got better from there
From house to house
These little cubs were tossed
Just like jelly beans in a
Little kids hands
Wondering why the earth wont
Stop shifting
And then a halt
Like many people freezing at once
Happy the cubs could be
It’s like the world came to a happy ending
Like that mouse found his mother
Happy at once
Delighted to know
Somebody out there
Shows light just like my other
Little cub.

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