Life Is No More MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Josephine Johnson was just like you or me,

Except she lived her life through T.V.

"Life is no more" was her obsession's name,

And reality was just a game.

She'd taped all the episodes that had ever aired,

And knew all the lines by heart, though no one cared.

She would do anything for this show,

Eating, sleeping and homework she'd just let go.

She'd watch her world go by,

Figuring this is the reason I live or die.

Friends and family became a blur within her.

And people noticed she was getting drastically thinner.

Her mother told her she wasn't living her life,

But the news of cancellation is what cut her like a


I am finally like my show, she said, as she closed the door,

Because now her life, just like the show, was no more.

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