Sometime Around 5: 30, Feeling Defeated MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   there is no Energy.

i thought, there is no Enthalpy either.

there are flashcards on the desk, for learning the names of lons

and money, and pencils, and a basket full of paper clips.

there is an empty bag on the desk.

i will move it.

there are notebooks on the floor.

i must put them away.

it is useless to try and clean up, right now.

too hot, too many particles hanging in the air

(like a Saturated Solution, said erika, and I picked up on it)

besides, i need all this stuff

i should do something Productive, like going downstairs to eat

but that would involve moving.

i can't move. K.E. = O.

oh no. i can't handle this.

(our society shouldn't put so much Pressure on its children, p.j. said.)

i can't

(it should put more) like japan.

the Atom bomb

now the phone is ringing, i can't talk.

shut up, phone, i have to Concentrate

someone else got it. good.

i will wander aimlessly around the house

lie down and pretend to have a headache.

LeChatlier's Principle: A System Shifts To Relieve Stress.

maybe i understand.

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