A Thanskgiving Story MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Thanksgiving was coming, Farmer Brown had his pick

Of four fine plump turkeys for his wings and drumsticks

Which one should he choose? The choice was quite tricky.

'Cause his in-laws would visit and they were quite picky.

He thought the birds over, weighing each pro and con

He thought the whole night, right until it was dawn.

There was Johnny, the baby, a little too small

The one with the cockeyed they all knew as Paul.

Tim grew so violent when someone came near

But Sam was the finest fowl found anywhere

So Sam it would be! Old Mom would be glad

When she found Sam on her plate, and so too would Dad.

While Brown told his wife of his marvelous plan,

Cassie Cat, overhearing, to Sammy she ran.

She reported the story, being his kindly friend

And the brave brawny turkey gasped at the end.

His head would be chopped? This couldn't be so!

What about all his friends, the chickens, cows, and the crow?

He had but a day before fate took its course,

So he ran to Mr. Ed, the farm's wisest old horse.

Ed neighed a bit, stewing over the case.

Then he stomped and a smile grew upon his long face

"You can fly away, Sammy, just fly away from this farm!

You'll be saved from the knife and away from all harm."

Sammy sighed deeply, he was much relieved

And to think all this time, he had actually grieved!

Sam decided he'd play Farmer's fool

And on the next day, he'd lay his head on the stool,

Just as the axe came whizzing by

He would spread out his wings and fly, yes, he'd fly!

After Sam said his prayers, he turned out the light

And in his warm coop he slept soundly that night

He dreamt of his friends and his family, too,

And mostly he dreamt of his dear girlfriend, Sue.

In his dreaming he saw how he must leave them all.

He woke with a start and his spirits did fall.

But, wait, if he could fly, then, of course, so could they!

He'd tell them tomorrow, seeing them nestled in hay

With these wonderful thoughts in his now happy head.

Our hero, Sam Turkey, went back to bed.

Thanksgiving Day came and Sam woke up the others.

They seemed somewhat mad, especially his brothers.

They heard Sam's idea and they all agreed

That they'd meet after the "chop" by the sycamore tree.

Farmer Brown stumbled in, and the turkeys were quiet.

Brown's jacket was open, 'cause he couldn't quite tie it.

He scooped up Sam Turkey and took him out to the wood.

He sneezed and he coughed and he pulled up his hood.

He put Sammy down and reached for the axe

And Sammy knew then that he had to go FAST!

He spread out his wings and he looked up above.

He thought of his family and Sue, his true love

He flapped and he flapped, and a gleam hit his eye

The gleam of the blade, falling fast from the sky

Go, Sammy, go, save yourself now!

This was the chant of each horse and each cow.

All this time Brown thought of his pleased mother-in-law

When she feasted on this truly great bird he saw.

I must tell you this now, Sam was doomed to die

For it is a fact that turkeys can't fly.

Try as he would, he couldn't ascend.

So his poor little life came to a sad end.

His family and friends waited long by the tree,

Worried and puzzled when Sam they didn't see.

For Sam was now part of a Thanksgiving feast

Alongside the spuds, peas, and breads made of yeast

Did Brown care that Sam was apart from his kin?

His only concern was his mom-in-law's grin.

She loved the meat, she even ate all the yams

While the farm animals cried for the turkey named Sam.

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