A Christmas Dream MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the room,

Not a child could sleep

Knowing Santa came soon.

Though snuggled in bed

Neither sleeping nor snoring,

Only visions of presents

And toys Christmas morning.

Their stockings were knit

And placed on the mantle,

Awaiting the toys

That Santa would handle.

When up on the roof

There came a strange thump,

Like knocking on wood

Of a hickory stump.

Then bounding down the chimney

I hear a loud fall,

The Great Santa had arrived

With presents for all.

He filled all the stockings

And under the tree,

And when he was done,

He turned to me-

"Wake up child, it's Christmas,

Get the others out of bed,

You're making a dream

Inside your little head.

Up and awake

There's nothing to fear

Merry Christmas to all

And I'll see you next year."

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