I Live

November 4, 2009
By , slough, United Kingdom
I love my life, I love acting cool,
going out with friends, bunking school.
I’m free to do whatever I like,
Whether its watching movies or riding my bike

I am so very much adored,
I’m never sad, nor ignored.
My endless demands are always obeyed.
My weekend plans are never delayed.

I roam around for the latest fashion.
Kindness and love: could this be my passion?
My teenage life is so typically great
Perhaps more fun is written in my fate.

I hate my life, I hate my friends.
The leader lies, whilst the other pretends.
They all destroy and deceive,
I’m their victim I believe.

Cannabis, heroin and cocaine,
They don’t know how much I suffer in pain.
It’s their entire fault. I contravene.
Teenage life, ‘tut’, is this what they mean.

I’m ordered around like a marionette,
Facing my parents, how can I ever forget?
Prejudice, bullying, racial discrimination,
People carve them in my books, in every illustration.

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