Chasing The Moon

November 3, 2009
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Night has fallen and its time to go home
We cruise along the road on this cold winter night
The sun has just set stealing her warmth as well.
I shiver with a chill and stare out the window
The black silkiness of the dark sky lures me.
Every now and than a plane passes
He holds my hand
As we travel, I look all around
Suddenly, above like a flare shot out at sea I see the full moon
And what a peculiar sight she was
Shining not her normal pearly color, instead she was ancient
Showing a marvelous orange tint
Gloomy clouds rolled on by
The sight was truly breathtaking.
Looking over to my partner I points towards the moon
He nods with understanding as I reach for the camera.
For several minutes we followed the moon,
Searching for her
Chasing her
When high upon a hill we came to a stop
And stood next to the moon
Like a large saucer she dominated the sky
Raising my camera I capture the moon.
Then he points
And I see it, the moon is not alone this night
A small bright white light!
It’s a star!
And I whisper to myself
“ twinkle twinkle little star,
look how bright you are
First star I see tonight
Make a wish with all my might”
And all too soon we arrive at my house
He opens the door for me and I step out into the artic air.
He looks down at me with a smile on his lips,
And simply holds me for a several seconds
Than lifts my chin up to look me in the eyes
And gently lays a kiss upon my lips.
I got my wish….

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