The Mirror

November 3, 2009
By Missy143 SILVER, Rochester, New York
Missy143 SILVER, Rochester, New York
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It glistens in this dim and muggy room
Careful not to disturb its peace and sudden gloom
I put my hand on its cold hard shell
Noticing how chills radiate up my arm, for the story it can tell
Which holds a secret that not even I can know.
As it gives off such a mocking and sarcastic glow.

Its presence is that of a winter’s day
So cold, so lost without a single way
Of giving the answer that cannot be found
With great admiration, I find it profound
As I explore its reason, its existence
For calling me, at such a distance

And I close my eyes without any fright
And let it take hold of my thoughts and my sight
I go inside the mirror, entering a world unknown to my eyes
And I don’t want to escape this place so free of cries
I am able to see something unbelievably true
While I sit in the grass, surrounded by dew.

I am somewhere that I cannot place
But as I look around, I notice with much disgrace
That it was my life, my dreams that are close enough to touch
And I grab a leaf, soft enough to clutch
Trying to remember something so long ago
Of laughter and freedom, trying not to let go.

I look around, seeing what was once so great
The joys, the pleasure of simply being eight
Tears well up in my eyes as I realize what I’ve found
Something greater than any feeling, enough to astound
Happiness is purely to be care free and live.
And that is something better than what anything can give.

The author's comments:
In Creative Writing, we had to write a peace about any object and describe it. I decided to generate into this poem, and it's about a mirror. Except a twisted it, and now it's about the rememberance of someones past.

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