The Moon Looked On MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Where the dark water

Met the dark land

Ten thousand tiny lights shone out

And ten thousand more shone back

From pools of brine

Left on the damp sand from the

Retreating ocean.

Two small forms


One on a ledge, the other below.

Small to the vast sky above

With a few timid stars peering down.

Small to the enormous solid

Reminder of the past

Under their feet.

Small to the vast expanse of sand,

Innumerable grains of sand,

As far as their eyes could see.

And smallest yet to the

Eternal ocean.

Far across the ocean

And millions of miles

But only a heart beat away,

The red moon rose.

One huge perfect half,

The moon rose swiftly and smoothly

Into the Heavens.

Then they left the rock, went away from

The moon

And onto the sand.

Across the sand four feet flew

Running, running.

Cool wet sand was thrown up from their feet.

Then they stopped,

Gasping for breath,

They clasped life and love

And held tightly.

And the moon and the sea

Looked on.

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