November 3, 2009
By Alexandria;{: BRONZE, GrandRapids, Michigan
Alexandria;{: BRONZE, GrandRapids, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"God will fight for you, you need only to stand still, and believe.- Exodus 14:14

To me, may be different from you.
Something I like, may be something you hate,
But that doesn’t matter, because it’s my happiness.
I do with what I please.
To me happiness is,
Being with you,
My best friend,
You always know what to do,
To make me feel important,
When I’m at my worst.
I come to you for everything,
Even though we have our rough times,
Everyone does.
But hunny,
I know for a fact.
That I couldn’t live without you,
Because you’re the thing that keeps me going,
You’re the one that knows me best,
And you’re the one that cares the most,
I spend my most precious times with you,
Because I know you will make them better,
I know you from the inside out,
And you know me from the outside in
You’re my everything;
Again, I don’t know what I would do without you.
You know when I don’t want to be talked with,
You know when to back off,
You know my family really well.
I whisper you all my secrets,
Which I know you would not tell.
Because you are the best secret keeper ever,
And you care about me so so much,
& I care about you the same,
I would cry for you,
Die for you,
I would swim across the ocean,
Walk through burning fire,
I would climb the red wood trees,
To the tippity top.
To tell you how,
You’ve changed my life.
Forever & always
You have saved my life,
I would have to say.
Way too many times to count,
And I wrote this for you beautiful,
I need you to know.
That you’re my life,
And I want to spend my life with you,
Being best friends forever,
I would defend you against anything,
No matter how big its size is,
I would stand in front of you,
Whether it’s a,
A lion,
Or a girl who’s being mean,
I won’t back down.
Because I love you,
You’re my best friend once again,
Don’t ever doubt that;
Because I know you have before,
But I need you not to again,
Because I know you can trust me with everything,
Cause I trust you with everything also,
Baby just listen to me one more time,
Telling you I love you more than anything.
I love love love you, so so so much.
Forever & Always,
I pinky promise. (:

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