The Birth Of A Druid MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I glance quickly back

(a check)

Is my house still there?

(the link)

I am human - I live back there

(torn, tormented)

Between two worlds I am pulled

(undecided, fretful)

My house lies in the other

(wild and free)

I pause and breathe softly

My mother calls me

(breakfast - pancakes)

And her yell echoes through

the forest - a retort, a taunt

(wild and free)

I must choose

My friend will not wait

(already I lag far behind)

(too far?)

I panic - he cannot be long gone

(will I find him again)

Mother calls me once more

(English Breakfast Tea)

I am torn

And with calm assurance I decide

what my path will be:


one direction or the other

(can't I have both?)

But I know neither will wait,

And neither will come to me

And I must choose my destiny

Now, before both escape

and I am left

(stranded and alone)

(without direction)

(perhaps it is too late already)

And I turn slowly


my foot





steps in the direction

that my home lies in

and I follow my mentor

into my world

and I follow the chickadee further into the forest.


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