Crystals Are Sour

November 2, 2009
By Anonymous

It’s all the wrong reasons
That make me leak these
Such a waste,
Such a beautiful object.
Lost in space.
It’s been used,
Another taking its place.
How do I turn it off?
Make it stop.
Because it’s making
My happiness
Run cold.

Stop telling me these
Just for me,
Bend the truth.
Tell me what I wanna hear.
That we can be happy.
In a world corrupted
By this phobia
For our peace.

I’m supposed to be
The strong one.
But I have done more
Then good
In this circle we all run.
Guinea Pigs to our
Own experiment.
They call it life.
I call it misery.
Because any life
Is not worth living
When the color
Has been sucked clean.
Black and white.
Blinding my eyes.
Just give me back
My meaning.
And you can have
That angel
You call your daughter.
I’ll grin
And bear it.
For her sake.
For mine.
So she can
Leave this place
With minimal amount of
Scars on her conscience.

Before I go.
Please give her my words.
“I didn’t lie
When I told you
What my heart
Spoke to me.
Life isn’t a maze.
It can’t be solved.
But I can figure out
This math.
It’s simple.
One plus one
Was never
Supposed to equal
It has its place in
This world.
But that’s
Not with us.”

The author's comments:
I'm sorry.

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