You Save Me

November 2, 2009
By mybabysfallenangel SILVER, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
mybabysfallenangel SILVER, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
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You are only a failure when you stop trying

My heart has broken
I’ve shed many tears
But with you
I have no fears

You can calm me down
With a simple touch
And when I’m not in your arms
I miss you so much

You are my heart, my shield, my soul
Only you can have all that I am to hold
Understand, you saved me from going cold

Silenced the monster that fought all day
Awaked the angel hidden away
Vanquished the evil I thought I was
Even when I trapped you in the darkness of my love

My angel, my savoir, my light in the dark
Even as you read this you are the beating of my heart

I love when you look at me
And when you hold me tight
It’s thoughts of you
That let me sleep at night

When you’re gone
It’s hard to breath
I get lost in a maze
And it’s difficult to see

When I succumb to dark fall
And no longer wish to be
You spread your wings, my angel
You save me

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