Fluffy dreams

November 2, 2009
By BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
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Here I sit, mind wandering
Here I lay, brain pondering
Here. Landlocked. But my head is flying,
Through the sky, my dream is dying.
Maybe we are bound
to the ground
But why can't we break from this earthly crowd?
Why not? Though physically unallowed.
Why can't we fly, like a cloud?

If we were two of these fluffy angels
We could view the world from heightened angles
If we were in this exalted station
Far above this cynical nation
Just for a while, without a care
We could invite loved ones to join us there.
But if fluffy angels we become
We would of course be judged by some
They would think we abandon duty
to behold this blue, limitless beauty,
and upon analyzing their cynical spite
I have found, they would be right.

If I could defy my fate
If I could change into this fluffy state
I would float south, down our state
Once again I must digress
Because my mind carries such stress
distance makes the heart grow fonder
So towards the south my mind must wander
towards a certain girl my brain must ponder
I apologize for this digression
But now I must continue my poem's progression.

Now, after allowing myself to fly
I know this dream shall never die
As I sit, looking up, so landlocked
My fluffy dreams the clouds have mocked.

I suppose it fortunate that I cannot fly,
Though if I could, I would see the girl soon.
But I would hate to obscure the sky
as another barrier between her and the moon.

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