Photograph MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   polished patent leathers

ankle straps with silver buckles

a knee length dress with its inch long hem

are all brown and faded, all in the Past.

where's the sixteen-year-old girl

gingerly clutching the chair?

is she too brown and faded, hidden deep in the Past?

she smiles, but not really,

though it feels that one's there.

"I'm young, full of life and have so much to do!"

she calls out through closed lips, speaks with her eyes

words we'll never hear,

for she's in the Past.

with her delicate pearls and elegant stance,

she's caught between

being a girl and growing up.

which will she choose?

I suppose she'll grow up-

and say goodbye to wide sashes,

knee length dresses,

and polished patent leathers.

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